Union Advance Trail

Union Advance Trail

Product Description

This softcover 14 page booklet issued by the National Park Service is one of the newest trails at Antietam National Battlefield: the Union Advance Trail Attack and Defense of the Burnside Bridge. This booklet includes: directions for the Union Advance Trail and a map; a background of the Confederate Defense; information, maps, and pictures of all 5 stops. Western Maryland Interpretive Association (WMIA) is a nonprofit partner of Antietam National Battlefield and published this book in cooperation with the National Park Service. It was designed and written by Park Rangers Keith Snyder and John Hoptak. Cover painting Burnside's Bridge by Don Troiani, www.historicalartprints.com


14 pages

Includes: maps, photographs, and detailed information

Authors: Keith Snyder and John Hoptak

Cover Painting: Don Troiani